List of Airdrops

An airdrop for a cryptocurrency is a procedure of distributing tokens by awarding them to existing holders of a particular blockchain currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Here is a list of Airdrops – we have tried all of these and have been able to get free tokens, many of these need you to have Telegram installed (PC, Mobile)

cryptocrystal Register to get free 2PKX token
cloudbounce Sign up to get 100 DB tokens. Also join their telegram and add your ethereum wallet to get 10 DB tokens daily.
bitsong  Click join the airdrop link and follow the instructions in telegram to get your free tokens.
obirum  Register and verify your mail to earn 50 OBR token.
cellblocks  Enter your ethereum address,paste the code you receive to their telegram channel to get 10 tokens.
ccrb  Click ‘GET FREE CCRB’ and sign-up to get 5$ worth CCRB.
bountyhealthnexus  Register to the site , join their discord and telegram channels and get 70 shares of the bounty
divinumcoin 10 DVC on signup
wcex  50 WCX on signup
ternio  Ternio will airdrop 100,000 TERN every day to 20 lucky people who are in our Telegram channel
pm7 20 PM7 on signup
synapse 50 SYN on signup
etu paste the given code to their telegram channel to get 8888 ETU
clickgem 10 CGM on signup
Get 33 GET on signup
swiftdemand 100 SWIFT on signup
stakingcoin 5 XTC on signup with email details
sofin 50 SOFIN on signup to telegram channel


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